Busy coping.

It has been pointed out that I have not been slack in posting, but that I have simply NOT been posting…. And fair enough too.
It’s more a case of why not.
You can rest assured it’s not because I have run out of things to say!
Enough to say it should not be a surprise to any of the regular readers that I have been struggling with depression for the past too many years… We have simply been busy coping with that and life.
When you are down and almost out, writing about it does not spring to mind and frankly, for me, writing about anything when feeling that way is not all that appealing.

I will blog about one project I have been working on. ACARS. Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System.
We are using Node-RED to decode and display messages from the aircraft in the LA, San Diego, Phoenix area, some 20,000 messages a day. It’s been rather fun and distracting. A perfect combo for one such as myself.

Terry has graduated, moved home and adopted two cats.
He starts work at Opto 22 on the 23rd of July (just a few more days of freedom at the writing of this blog).

My old solar inverter committed suicide by burning out a high resistance high current connector. We repaired it, but got another more powerful unit anyways. It’s going about 25% to 35% better.

I am studying for my Technicaian Class amature radio license. Plan to sit for it in about two weeks time.

We are heading up to Idaho for a few days to meet the new son-in-law and hang out with Amy. Taking the drone, so hope to get some nice shots of the cabin on the island that Amy’s inlaws have built.

That about sums it up.
Happy now?