3 People, 4 cars

Happy to say that we sold the BMW. For less what we wanted, but eh, better gone (to a good home, another student) than hanging on for the last dollar.

So, we have BB, Martty, Freddys Honda (nameless) and the truck (Chelios).
Speaking of trucks, we used it yesterday…. We had to pick up 3 rail ties.
Heavy load, which the truck handled just fine, but it sure was nice to put them in there rather than in the trunk of any of the cars. (Last time we had to get rail ties, we used the Range Rover).

We are building a garden for Freddy, we want to put a wild flower mix into it.
Freddy really misses having flowers and I love wild flowers, so we are going to give it a go.
We also had to get a bit of dirt, so Chelios for the win latter in the day as well.

Anyway, as the guy paying for the repairs on the BMW, I am not sorry to see it go. Glad it got Terry safely through the college commute, but yeah, what a money pit it was.

Glad to have one less car in the driveway.