QNAP Progress

We have had a few days off work (Thanksgiving), so have had some time to really dig into the QNAP and try and figure out what is going on.
Its a case of everything is right, but it does not work…. Well, actually, sometimes it does, but sometimes it does not. Some files are the correct size, some of them are zero bytes.
The interesting thing is that it is only when done over the cloud. When I am at home, I have not had a single zero byte incident.

Ignorance is bliss, so I have signed Krysta and Terry up to use their phones to backup share their photos via the cloud… so far, so good.
I will be testing things on Monday at work and see how I go using the Opto software via my cloud. I am hopeful, but not confident.

One thing that was critical in getting it ‘working’ was my SSL certificate, so a huge thanks to Gary for getting that setup for me.
Who knew that the QNAP using its self signed certificate was stopping it from working at all….. Sure was frustrating getting that one sorted! (A vague mention at the bottom of an out of date manual about how the SSL certificate had to match the URL of the cloud).

Lastly, it seems we have a backup running from the cloud to a local USB drive plugged into the QNAP, every night at 1am it copies any files that are new or changed.
Small moves Ellie, small moves….