Chrome be gone

Dont get me wrong. I love the new car, I really do.
Driving it is great… Its just the look of it I cant stand.
For the most part, its all the chrome.

Duno exactly what about the chrome, it just triggers a shudder in me when I see it.

So, paint or wrap?
I wanted to be able to undo it for any reason (not that I would not like it, but just wanted it reversible).
So wrap it was.
Got a quote of 800 bucks. Yes, eight hundred dollars to do it.
Yeah. Nah.
Ordered some vinyl off Amazon for 8 bucks. Just a small sheet to start.
Spent about an hour doing one side.

Better, Much better.
Ok, so ordered about 30 bucks of vinyl this time and spent another hour or so doing the other side.
Then did the front and back chrome bits, bumper and emblems and number plate surrounds.
That leaves the wheels. What to do about the wheels…. I was not confident about wrapping them and not scratching them up, so plastidip to the rescue.

Better. Much better.

Should I also the roof racks?