Satellite Dish

This page is out of date.
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After much back and forth between Freddy and myself, we settled on a dish.
I needed a 6 foot, she said 4 foot, so we bought a 5 foot, that way neither of us got what we wanted.

Unfortunately, the guys website with the most information is currently down, so I cant link you to it… But the short of it is aircraft tracking.
There is a geostationary satellite that re-transmits aircraft positions for aircraft over the oceans. The sat I am going to tune into is over Hawaii and so will get aircraft over the Pacific. It should pick up data from planes that are entering my current system so is perfect.

We will be moving from the middle of the lawn where I put it together into the garden where it should hopefully be less obvious over the weekend.
Once there we will need to align it and then tune into the data stream.
All of which sounds a lot easier than I expect it to be.
The data comes in bursts, so its going to be hard to find and tune into.
More details to come…. But enough to say, I have been looking forward to this project for about 3 years.