Empty Nest

Been a busy few weeks helping Terry and Krysta move into their new rental house.
They are only about 20 minutes away in Murrieta, so its not like they are in Idaho or anything, we can still drive around and see them.
It sure is a lot quieter at home with just the two of us.
We have turned Terry’s room into a home gym. Amy’s room is still the guest room with the bed, so we are still set for visitors etc.
The workshop and garage are still a bit of a mess, but Freddy has cleaned up the rest of the place pretty good.
Turns out we have used our little truck a ton. So much for my plan to sell it since we ‘never use it’. Hah! Fat chance of that.
Freddy is on the look out for a washer/dryer for them and any book shelfs, I’m sure the truck has more work to do yet.