Weeknotes 9

  • Why Google? Why?
  • Oh how you are really really really really really really really really really annoying me with your cute little UI change Google.
    I find it hard to believe that no one working at Google actually uses their search page… Yet here were, with 100% solid iron clad proof that they don’t use their own product… Cause, if they did, this blog would not be written, my niggle would not be niggling, my rage would be re-directed.
    What am I on about this time?
    Googles stupid little gimmick of auto expanding the ‘People also searched for…’ box under every search link you click, but only after you come back to their search page and HERES THE REALLY ANNOYING THING.. they wait about 2.5 seconds after you get back before expanding it.
    As if that was not bad enough, they stretch the length of the whole page to make room for the new drop down.
    So now, if you click the links from the top down (who starts with the worst search result first? Other than Google employees?), when you come back to the page, you cant click on the next result because it will slide out from under your mouse and you will click on some other random junk that someone else searched for that does not match your search term.
    To top it off, there is no option in Google to shut this crappy behavior off.
    Whats thebaldgeek to do?
    I happen to use Ublock Origin Chrome extension to tame the web.
    If you do too (and you really should) add the following to the ‘My filters’ section:
    www.google.*##div[jscontroller]:if(h4:has-text(People also search for))

  • tinyGS
  • Because I really need yet another project / thing to track.
    Its a small ESP32 board with a LoRa receiver on it. I have coupled it with a small 433mHz 3 element yagi antenna pointing straight up (for now).
    So far I have totally failed to catch and decode a single packet.
    But I am having fun, so does it really matter?
    Probably more to say about this project when I get it working better.

  • Bolt Battery Update.
  • I am getting the battery pack firmware update done today.
    It detects any voltage imbalance between the cells and if they get too great, it sounds an alarm and I have to take it to a dealer.
    Just to be clear, it does not stop the car from catching on fire, it just tells me about the chance of a fire before it happens (hopefully).
    Yes, I am being a bit tongue in cheek here.
    Chevy cant program a working cell phone app so I have little hope that they know what they are doing when it comes to battery tech.
    The only difference is that the fine for for getting it wrong is higher.

  • ADSB Raspberry Pi Build.
  • Spent a good whack of this week building a new Pi 4 ADSB tracker for my mate in the UK. (ZeroTeir VPN for the win).
    They have come a very long way in their build scripts. It was mostly harmless.
    Still a bit time consuming getting a few different websites feeds working. If you just feed ADSBExhange it would be up and running in minutes, but my mate is all about sharing his data with a bunch of sites. Not all of them are as well set up and a few of them actually deliberately break other sites feeders on your system, so you have to install them carefully.

  • ACARD VDL2 Raspberry Pi Build
  • Since we had a spare Raspberry Pi in the UK, I bought my mate an SDR and we installed a fresh instance of Raspberry Pi OS and installed dumpvdl2 to feed ACARS data to my Node-RED setup.
    This would have gone very smooth had I read the docs and seen that you put the frequency in Hertz, not mHz.
    Anyway, 5 hours latter, its all working.
    Instructions are on my GitHub page.