Weeknotes 18

  • Oil Field
  • Spent 2 days on the road on a field trip.
    Been working with this customer for a while now and this week was the first supervised install of the proof of concept.

    They are called many things, I sorta like the name rocking horse oil pump.
    Won’t get into all the cool things we learned about them on the trip, but bottom line, we are not so much controlling them, but monitoring them.
    They already have controllers that are working well, but there are a bunch of external signals that we are picking up.
    The interesting thing is that these signals will not only help a great deal with fault detection, but also ML (machine learning) for oil production and well optimization.
    These algorithms simply were not around when the wells were put in.
    Anyway, point is, came away with a solid to-do list and have started working on the design of proof of concept mk2. I suspect I will be up north again before long.

  • Electric Bill
  • Its not the car, it’s the aircraft….. My power bill is finally put me at tipping point.
    I need to pull out some of the tower PCs I am running and replace them with more power efficient computers.
    At this point, I don’t think the pay back period is going to be as horrible as I thought it would be in the past.
    Plan to move 3-4 computers to Intel i5 NUCs.

  • HF at Terry’s
  • Going to run my end-feed long wire antenna at Terry’s place into an RSP1a SDR (better HF version of the stuff I use on the satellite SDRs) to see if he has a better noise floor than my place.
    Plus he wants to listen around on HF a bit.
    This is going to take some time to setup and get working. Should be a fun project with a few pieces and parts (Node-RED, MQTT, SDR software, VPN and remote desktop access). Watch this space.