Weeknotes 26

  • L-Band antenna
  • I am still building and steadily selling the L-Band helix antennas.
    They are heading all over the world. Canada, USA, Australia and the UK.

    The black one in the middle is headed for Darwin.
    Its a different color because Terry ran out of white filament.
    Its also different because the guy wants to shoot into a small dish which is looking up at the satellite.
    The signal from the satellite has a right hand spin on it, so all the white ones and the bulk of what I sell are for pointing straight to the satellite.
    The black one is wound backwards from the others because when the right hand spin signal hits the dish, it flips to a left hand spin. So yeah, the black one is wound backwards from the others.

  • 80th
  • My dad rolls over his 80th bio-odometer today (Australia time)

    The last time we were together was 5 years ago when I was turning 50. We went on a nice little hike up a near by hill. It was a great day.
    This man has shaped much of my life.
    Sorry things are such that we cant be together again at the moment Dad.
    Thinking of you today more than usual.