Snow and my Mum.

My sister sent me this email today;

“You know snow day this week how cold it was etc etc, when I got
home the news man was saying how we hadn’t had a cold november day like
this in 12 years! And you know what it was the day of mums funeral 12
years ago that it snowed!! It hadn’t been that cold since then – so
there you go – useless info!!”

I think its rather interesting. I dont know why, it really should get filed away as useless info, but instead it makes it onto my blog.
So, why interesting? Because I thought about it during the day as well. I was telling one of the guys at work that the last time I remember it snowing was at my mums funeral. Has it snowed between then and now? I dont know, the thing is, in my mind, snow (and all the more so, snow in November) is now firmly linked to the memory of my Mums funeral.

Snow at my sisters work.