How to menu 101

Had a longish and animated discussion today with Gary, Dan and Nick about the new menu along the top of my web site.
I had set it up so that you can click on any of the top level (the root if you like) and get a web page, it was not clear to Dan, Gary or Nick that clicking on this top level was even an option.
Nick said he figured it out eventually because he noticed the mouse cursor turn into a little hand, Dan and Gary did not notice it straight away because they were not looking for it.
Also, most of the guys missed the arrows to show it was a pop out menu. Today I have changed the position and color of the arrows to make them stand out more (I hope).
Lastly Dan did not like the hovering tool tips, so I have taken them out of all but the BRAT menu, I dont mind either way, so hence they have mostly gone.

So, what do you think of the menu?
Easy to see? Easy to use? Obvious that you should be able to click on the very top level?

Im still messing with it, so if you have an opinion lets know. Leave a comment!