We are “Ok to go”……

Well, we are up, showered, dressed, fed and packed, so, I guess that means we are ready to
Freddys sister is picking us up and taking us to Ballarat Airport, from there we take the
shuttle bus to the airport.
A few hours milling around in lines while we check in, and get on board, short hop and
“lunch” in Sydney, then the fun really starts….
Makes me wish I had an MP3 player that took real batteries like the kids, I was planing on
making a “C” cell recharger for mine, but 2 weeks on my back meant that I did not get time.
So, I know I only have about 5 hours music, I have to save it for when we need it….I suppose
I can listen to the kids collection, some of its ok……Blah, we will suffer though it.

Hope your all well, thinking of yas (Well, some of yas!)

Ben, Freddy, Amy, and Terry (and lonely Cassie the dog)

P.S BenL, no, we are not stopping, best I can do is wave as we go over, looking forward to
catching up when we get back, I wana hear what you have been up and what you are doing
now, you will love to hear that we only just this week got a *real* Opto to web page interface
JoeB, thanks for a great night Saturday night!
MattB thanks for reminding me about the spark plug boots, had totally forgot!
TerryD can you please email me Ruths email address please. Thanks.