Were here…….

Well, we have been here a day and a half, I would have said so sooner, but Jasons (the friends we are staying at) ADSL modem died the morning before we got here, we tried all the usual stuff to get it going, but it was dead, so we went and bought a new one today, and have it all set up and working (except for the wireless stuff, but we hope to get that going tomorrow)….
Anyway, we had a great flight and it was really smooth, so we are really happy about that. The ginger tablets really helped a great deal as well.
It took about 3 hours to get our luggage and clear customs, the first check, the passport one, it only took about 3 minutes….go figure
We booked the rental car weeks ago, asking for a mid-sized 4 door, we got a 2 door sports car. The kids are ticked, but Freddy loves it, it has electric seat heaters, and I like because it looks pretty nice…..goes like a slug, but looks nice!

Went to a local collage today and looked at their Opto22 stuff, was very interesting, have not seen to many other Opto22 systems, so was great to see some other systems.

The kids have settled in pretty quick, they have some new games for their GameBoys, we bought them 2nd hand, pretty cheap. We have been looking for some shoes, found some nice stuff, but have not bought any yet, still time. (No Dave, your shoes and hat has not arrived yet, any day now Im sure).

The GPS works, we have used a few times to go to and from a few places, I really need to buy the mount for it, its a pain just prop’ed on the dash of my Pontiac G6 sports car (photo soon).

Freddy is doing well, she is really enjoying her time with Brittany.

We went and fixed Brittany’s Moms car this arvo, she was broken down on the side of the road, it was a vacuum hose, it had blown off an intake, we could not find it, so we used the gum that Amy was chewing, it got her home, and she was so appreciative of our help.

Tomorrow we are taking the kids to their friends place and dropping them off for a few days, then duno what for the afternoon, I’m sure the girls are thinking some shopping would work for them. Then we are going to get home and chill out with Jason, he has some stout for me to try and we have a movie we want to watch (Better than sex) while the kids are not around (see my movie reviews).

Speaking of movies, all the ones on the plane trip over were duds. Man of the year, A good year, happy feet and casino royall…..I will do some mini reviews some time…..or not…

Ok, really got to get to sleep, its 11:45pm here, and 4:45pm where most of yous are, and my body is telling me its about 2am, so Im off.

Chow for now.