Fog and Moonbows

I love riding in fog. Not the full blown pea soup sort….thats never nice, mostly because people do silly things in it, they drive on the road with their hazards flashing, they drive half off the road with their right indicator flashing, they drive with their high beam on…..if they just all drove down the road like normal but at a safe and steady speed, there would be no problem…..but I digress.

The sort of fog I love is the one that hangs about 20 meters off the road. It looks like a soft roof. I want to stand on the seat of my bike and run my fingers though it. I like how each dam you pass has a pillar of fog over it, like the roof of fog is connected to the earth though them.
I just had a look though the first 10 pages of image results from Google and there is not a photo of the sort I am talking about.
I have often though about mounting a camera on the bike, its times like this that I get thinking some more about the best way to do this.
Moonbows. Freddy and I had to drive into town on Tuesday night to pick up the papers. Normally Amy and I go, its nice father and daughter time, but for some reason Freddy was with me. We came around the corner just after the Buninyong golf course, and there in the sky was a beautiful white moonbow.
It had been raining moments before, there were clouds in front of us, they had broken behind us and the full moon was shining bright.
It was a special moment for us, it was Freddys first, my second and it was great to share it with her.

Keep your eye out for them, they are pretty neat looking.