I will probably reget it tomorrow, but we went snowboarding with Terry this afternoon…….

It was a lot of fun. We took a tour bus up to Falls Creek. The weather was hopless, and the snow was more ice than powder, but it was nice to get up there with Terry.
We both got a lot better at it by the end. He would like to do more of it, but I am waiting till tomorrow before I decide if Im going to have another bash at it or not. (I last went 4 years ago, and was peretty stiff and sore for 3-4 days after!)
We have a few photos on Freddys phone, so they will have to wait till we get home and can get them off (I have no idea how I am going to get them off…..but Im sure we will figure it out).

I know some insist that skis are the only way to go downhill, but the old snowboard is a whole bunch of fun for me and the boy.