Video editing……

Its not super clear, but probably well known to people that are into video editing……Windows XP has a built in video editing program.
You cant get to it on your start menu (least not in the 2-3 computers I have checked), but if you ‘explore’ your computer, and look in your ‘C’ drive, under ‘program files’ there is a sub-directory called ‘Movie Maker’ and in there you will find a program called ‘moviemk.exe’.
If you run that (double click it), you get what looks to be a pretty good movie editing program.
I have never done any of it before, its been on my to-do list, but never had the need….. Last weekend in Uranquinty with Matt we spliced together two little remote control helicopters, had a bunch of fun, and Terry took a heap of video footage.
Not all of it was very good quality, in fact, there was only a ‘few’ seconds in each clip that were really useful. Hence the desire to splice it all together and make something of it.
The cream was to add a bit of music, and some titles… about half an hour, I had the following video clip hosted on YouTube……

About two weeks ago I found my video cassette of when I drove my Range Rover across the Simpson  Desert, I am looking forward to getting it onto the computer and seeing what we can make of it (its about 2 hours long, so it needs some real brutal editing!)
Also I am keen to get some video from the Goldwing as we travel around the place……
heh,hehe, just what I need, another thing to spend some time on….
Still, I am looking forward to getting some more of my videos on my site, and now, thanks to this new program, it will look better that it would have.