On chivalry……..

A lady and I were approaching a door at the same time at work, she had her hands full of things (and even if she was not carrying anything, should I have done any different?), so I offered to open the door for her…..
She pushed her way past me, opened the door her self, and said, “No, don’t, its 2008 you know”.

I was shocked. I have never heard anything like that. Ever.

I don’t open the car door for Freddy,  for two reasons; 1. The remote for the car is at home, its too big to carry, and there is only one key hole on the drivers side, this flows over to reason two. 2. Freddy is happier to get moving than to stand there while I walk back around the car and open the door for her.
I do open any doors for Freddy as we come to them. Depending on the door, I may go though first and hold it open (if its windy and it might blow back on her).

What I am trying to say is, I don’t go around throwing my coat on the ground if there is a puddle and a woman is going to walk in it, its 2008 you know…..but I think that basic manors and courtesies still have a timeless value. How is it that some women don’t agree?