Its haunting me.

This photo……
Its never going to go away… proving (as if any of us needed proof) that once something is on the internet, its there until the internet implodes.

One of these days, I might tell the story behind this shot.
(Frankly, I have never been to the Mythbusters website, so was a little surprised to see it pop up there.
(Thanks to my friend Mark for pointing it out).
Looking at the site, I guess I should not have been……)

But, for now, you just need to know that one of the reasons why things went a bit quiet for me over the past month or so is because I got to do some more work with the whole sub project.
This time, thankfully(?), I did not have to fly back to Australia for it. The work took place somewhat closer to home.
It was, once again, interesting, stressful and extremely tiring. To the point of exhaustion.
The movie world is brutal. No question.
Was great to see some of the guys from the expedition, to work with them again, to hear stories that never got told due to lack of time while at sea. Most of all, for me, to hear how that last deep dive went…. Im still struggling with the decision to leave before the last big one.

Its good to see some of the science results come out from the dive.
If you are interested, there is a short video version here;
And there is a longer text version here;

Bottom line is (see what I did there?) that we, the human race, found stuff out that we did not know before.
Science is cool.