Being positive.

On thing that I have been really overwhelmed with is just how positive everyone has been.
Everyone I have spoken with about the move has been so positive, I have found this really, really encouraging.
The amazing thing is that there is no way each person would know what any one else has said, I’m the only one that has the total picture. Its been really helpful for me to know that everyone is happy and excited for me and the family.
Its a big move, there is lots to be nervous and stressed about, but I am just so overwhelmed with the fact that everyone that knows me is right there behind me. Lots of comments about how good I will be at the job, how excited they are for me, many have said that they are jealous of my opportunity.

My point is this, just ‘one’ person being positive can make a big difference.

Thanks to everyone for all your words of encouragement and support.