A busy week.

It’s hard to believe almost…..a whole week has past since I finished up at work.
Lets just look at the week and see whats been going on….

Thursday morning we had an nice smoko for me at work, all the guys were there. The boss made a short speech and presented me with a camera bag on behalf of the Engineering department. I said a few words and that was that.
Friday was a nice day, it was about the best you could hope for. A few little things to work on in the morning, and then Dan, Nick and I had lunch over the road. The afternoon was taken up with the last minute things like handing over my keys and the like.
Nick and I had some time to finish things up. Sadly the HR department could not arrange an exit interview for me in the 4 weeks that I gave as  notice. (I think I now understand why the exit interview is important, after 18 years I felt I had a few things to say and its very frustrating not having had the chance to be heard. I feel that I have ‘unfinished’ business at the Hospital, I feel a little dissatisfied and uncomfortable with how things finished up….I think the exit interview would have closed things up nicely.)

One last look around the office and I walked out for the last time. I am not going to go back. I will catch up with Nick over a few cans at his house, but I don’t want to go back into the basement again. I just want to make a clean break.

That afternoon I rode to Melbourne. Was a good ride and a needed escape from work. I had a smooth run on the ring road so got to Gordon’s feeling pretty good.
He had a nice long list of computer issues that he wanted me to look at, so over a beer or two we worked our way down the list, it was great having something to focus on and the usual joking and teasing that goes on was a heap of fun.
The next day was the usual church in Melbourne.
I ended up not going home as planed from church, but instead went back to Godon’s and staid the night there.
Sunday was a smooth run home the back way, stopping now and then for some photos. (Will be the last time I get to ride that road).

Had about 1/2 hour sleep Sunday afternoon before Dan picked me up and we went out to Gary’s.
A super night followed. It’s always a blast when the three of us get together. Got some great photos of Gary’s house in the moonlight. Dan does a great impersonation of a deep south Yanke getting abducted by UFO’s and the usual Linux / Windows bashing took place while we dubbed 8mm videos to DVD.

Got about 4 hours sleep and came home to start stripping the study.
4 days latter and I am still stripping the study!!!!

The rack is out, the telescope is down, the weather station is down, we are almost there.
With a pile of stuff we intend to pack in the lounge, finally things are getting to the point where I almost beleive that I am not going back to work in the basement (it had felt like a week off work to rewire the house or some such) and that we are really moving to the other side of the planet…….. Excitement is in the air!

Thats about the week. Just a whole lot of packing and sorting going on.
The packers arrive on Wednesday, its vital we be ready for them, so we are going hard till then. If we get done on Monday, its a bonus, if we get done on Sunday, its a double bonus, but there is no slacking off till we have it all sorted, inventoried and priced (for shipping insurance).

A long blog, but its been a ‘long’ week.