Courtesy beep.

April 11th, 2008
The Passat, like pretty much most cars over here, gives a little beep from it’s horn when you lock it. You get one little beep when the doors are all locked ok, and you get two beeps when a door is ajar. (Thats two unhappy beeps for you Dan).
This sounds all well good, but the problem you have is when you live in an apartment and there is a near by car park. As people come and go all night, you get this ‘constant’ beeping. It comes in waves. 6pm, when people get home. 8pm when they are back from dinner or renting a movie. 11pm when they get home late. Then it gets hard to tell, but there is a morning shift and night shift wave in there, and then again from about 5am as people leave for work.

This all dove tales into the next generation of motor sports I have come to notice……
The Passat, thankfully, does not have a car alarm, unlike most other cars in America.
People love to set their alarms to a hair trigger…’s like; ‘Dude, come and breath on my car, see, you blow on it and the alarm goes off! How cool is that!?’. Well, I’m here to bust his bubble, it aint cool, here is what happens………
Other dudes, dudes with big loud V8’s with grumpy exhausts like to drive though car parks, giving their V8’s a squirt every row they drive down. The noise and vibration sets off first dudes car alarm. So you get this, Blatttttttt, pause, beep beep beep, chirp. You hear them going down the isles of cars and you hear the alarms in stereo as both rows get their alarms triggered. It is sooo the new motor sport over here.
I just wish the finals were not held at 2am!