Day 1

March 24th, 2008
I will get back to the last week of Australia……well, I plan to……
But in the mean time, we have made it though our first day… was pretty smooth by all accounts.
We left LA a little latter than I was planing / hoping, the jet lag kicked in pretty good at 1am (7am Aust), so Freddy and I did not get much sleep. The drive down was good and smooth. We spent a lot of our time looking at cars and seeing what we liked the look of, it was hard to tell much just by looking, Im still very unsure what sort of car to buy.

We filled out a heap of paperwork and got walked through the apartment. Barbara came down from Opto22 to help us out and welcome us, it was great to meet her and have the welcome. The unit is fantastic and we are all very happy with it. Double glazed windows all ’round is a nice treat we were not expecting. It seems pretty quite, but the proof will be latter when we are trying to sleep……..
We spent the day ’survival’ shopping, that is to say, we only bought things we really needed, shower curtains, shampoo, kitchen bin, toothpaste and the like. We have joined up at CostCo and Vons, so that was really easy. We went to Verizon to get some cell phones, but they turned us back since we do not have a SSN yet. They are the only ones to reject us for not having one, its both good and bad.
We went to the local mall and bought a cordless phone for the VOIP, I hope the cable guy comes tomorrow as booked and that the cable ‘just works’. (Using some guys unsecured wireless to get this blog out).
We stood up to eat our chicken and salad dinner, so chairs and a table are on the list, but Freddy does not want to buy just anything, but will take her time and get something that will work here and other places (should we move in 6 months).

Thats about it. Was a good day and we are set up for basic living.
Time to make the beds and have our first nights sleep here, hope its a jet lag free one!