No one told us.

April 1st, 2008
Well, we got everything on our list from yesterday done. Not a bad effort, we must be getting better at these sorts of things, either that or we are wising up and having less ‘to-do’s’ for each day…….
Got the bank check in short order. Really happy with the service from Wells Fargo here, the local branch is great.
Got to the AAA ( same as the RACV) and thats where the wheels fell off.
No one told us that we would need California drivers licenses to get insurance. Im not sure what we could have done about it even if we had known, we have just run out of time in this first week…….
Anyway, the guy at the AAA was fantastic, he knows a guy that can do insurance for people like us, and while it cost a whole bunch more, we were able to get the necessary paperwork and get it sorted.
We picked up the car and Freddy drove it home. She was really happy when she got home, seems she has clicked with the Passat and really had no trouble driving it. So thats a big plus.
We then got to the school district office and found that we cant enroll the kids till school goes back after the spring break. So that will have to wait till next Monday.
I then got down to Opto22 and spent some time with the boss outlining some of my roll. They are going to be nice to me and not chuck me in the deep end just yet, which I am pleased about because I am excited and nervous enough about it all as it is! I saw my cubical, and the best thing to note is that it has a view! (Photo to come). While its rather empty at the moment, Im sure I can make it my home away from home in short order (minus the stereo!).

So, here we are, an hour before I start my dream job….I had better get moving!