Traffic. Part 6.

I think this is about the last in the series, and I have kept the best for the final.


The Americans have it right on this one. Speed does not kill and so you don’t need to take photos of everyone who is greater than 2 mph over the limit……As a result, driving is a lot more relaxing, and its a lot easier to be more attentive to the road when you are not obsessed with the speedo on the dash board.
The other nice thing is that you can really cover some distance (we use ‘country’ freeways mostly and those city ones we do use, we are on them at off peak times) very quickly and smoothly.
So what sort of speeds are we talking about?
Well, I cut up rough and wonder whats going on when I drop below 120kph. Its not unusual for me to be going 125-130 for 45 min or longer. Now and then we nudge 140, I have not been over 145 as yet.
The average is about 115 to 120 kph. Its amazing. I really love it.

The nice thing is that none of this is ’speeding’, I am just moving with the flow at this speed. There is ‘always’ someone moving though the bunch at a higher speed, and thats fine, you always have them, gives the cops some one to pick on.
Yes, at this speed the whole bunch is speeding, we are all over the limit, the whole freeway, 24*7, is breaking the law, and I feel quite safe. (Not just from getting a ticket, but in general).
I’m very grateful for the little 1.8L Passat because at these speeds its returning an honest 30-35mpg. Sure, I may not be too comfortable with my hip and back in it, but its hard to beat performance like that!

Anyway, its great. It flows really well, its easer to get around, there is a lot of traffic, but it generally flows pretty good.
The one place they are careful is around pedestrians, we have covered this, schools and the like they do the right limit. Arterial roads and the rest are a treat, 80kph+. The big thing is no cameras. You just get on with driving!
We are heading off to LA for the weekend…..wonder what my average speed will be this time…… 118kph????