Camp out weekend.

Just back from the church camp out weekend.
Some did the tent thing, some did the cabin thing. Not having tents, we cabined it with friends and family. Not a lot of sleep, but lots of fun.
Im a little stiff and sore from rock climbing, was a beautiful location (just north of Idyllwild) so it was good for the soul (if not for the mussels).
Photos are here.

Not a whole lot else happening. Training at work this week. I am going to be busy taking the calls that Tom normally would. I’m also trying to polish up the two presentations that I do for the training groups.

The kids are back at school today, its the first day of their first full year of school in America. They both seem really positive and keen to make it a good year (Still weird starting the year in August).

Freddy is going to go down to the DMV and see if there is any news on her drivers license.

That brings you up to date……. Except the weather software issue is still unresolved…….