What a lazy Sunday.
Terry and I went for an explore ride up around the loop. Found lots of amazingly expensive houses and some good views, some of the roads were nice enough, but none as clean and exciting as the main loop. (Hey, had a bunch of fun looking!).
Came home and sat around and watched 3 movies.
Star Wars; The Clone Wars. It was pretty bad. Even Terry was dissapointed.
The animation is really for TV, and the age group has plumeted. It is now aimed at 3-4 year olds. The jokes are very basic and repeated 2-3 times in different ways so that we can be sure the little ones have got it.
Sweeny Todd. Lots of ‘blood’ and singing. Beautifuly shot, but still, way to close to the whole Romeo and Julliet for me.
Whos your monkey, AKA Throwing Stars. Fantastic. By far the best of the lot by a HUGE margin. Witty, sharp, well acted and pacey. 4 mates who are really closer than family.

The whole Sunday thing here still needs some tweaking as far as I am concerned, but when it kicks off with a ride…..well, who am I to complain to much about what comes after that???
Next weekend is a long holiday weekend,  so I am hoping for 2 rides, if I can pull it off, I want to get three in, watch this space and I will let you know how I go!