Leaf litter.

Some times I get caught out, and it takes me a second or two (Im not getting any younger you know) to understand something that I am seeing……..
Yesterday was a typical beautiful Ballarat day, our first since we got here. Cold, pouring rain and rather windy. I kept looking out the window and smiling. I was just great. I really enjoyed it.
Freddy came and picked me up for lunch (hope your enjoying the bike gear Gary (yeah, yeah, I know, I offered to sell it to you, but you could have put up more of a fight! ;-)), and on the way home, I was amazed with the amount of leaf litter there was. If we had been in Ballarat you only see that much stuff on the street after a really wild storm….. I had been looking out the window on and off through the morning, and it was not THAT windy.
Then it hit me. They were autumn leaves. The old gum trees of Ballarat dont shed leaves like your typical tree over here….. There was no wild storm to strip the trees of so many leaves, it was just your ‘typical’ autumn leaf litter.

It took a moment for this to sink in, the other ‘interesting’ thing is that the leafs are really slipery when they are wet and there is a lot of them plied up or along the edge of a road.
I suppose I need to take a photo of this for it to make sense, but you will just have to go with me here, we are talking about a LOT of leaves!