42 on 27

We all know the answer is 42, but what is the question…. That’s the real question. I mean, ‘life the universe and everything’ is not a question now is it? That’s been the problem with that answer for a long time. The mice thought that ‘how many roads must a man walk down?’ would be good. I mean, what’s a road? How long a road? See, that kind of works, but I have a new throw on the question, how many times must a man move house? 42?
Well, that sort of works, but, I have to say, the idea of moving house 42 times leaves me a little cold. The fact that I am over half way to that number in moves makes me a little bit of an expert on both the question and the answer!
Today, I’m 42, and we start our 27th house move……
So that a question, or an answer?
Personally I am really really excited about moving into the house. I wish we were buying it, not renting it. We have not rented a house for about 14 years, so its going to be hard to remember its not ours (especially when I go to put the weather station up, the internet telescope up, the allsky astrocam, the solar panels and the ……)…..but, a house is a house, and I think I am the most excited out of all the family, and they are all looking forward to it.
Its been ok at the apartment, it was a home straight away for us, it got us settled, it was in a great location, but its time to move on. The downstairs neighbors continue to wake us up with their domestic issues any time between 1am and 4am about 4 nights a week. They often leave their TV on all night. As most of you know, I am a very light sleeper, so the extra noise is not helping. I suspect that we will hardly hear the freeway from the new joint either. I also will not miss the car alarm Olympic’s either! (If you missed it first time around, thats a pretty funny blog entry).
Anyway, really looking forward to getting a garage. I’m keen to tinker with the bike, I have a few ideas (not telling just yet…. heh, thats ‘secret squirrel business’ to you Matt B) that I am keen to explore with it.
Im also keen to get a computer working in the garage so I can stream some music out there while I work, and have the Goldwing manual in PDF available while I work.
Freddy found a used gazabo for sale at good price, we picked it up last week, Im looking forward to getting it up. We are going to get some blue ‘xmas’ lights to put around it for ambient lighting. We both are keen to get a bbq and start cooking outside again like we did in Buninyong. Freddy is also looking for a gas fire to put in the middle ot it (she fell in love with the idea at the Marriot hotel at the Feast), should be nice 3-4 months (the rest of the time, I think it will be too hot?) of the year….. Anyway, you get my point, Im keen, and so is the rest of the family, to make this move.

As for the 42 bit, well, not much I can do about that. I feel every bit of it this year, not much I can do about that either. Im still watching what I eat and drink. I am still hitting the treadmill or recumbent bike most mornings (I have no idea what I am going to do when we move out and I lose access to the gym. I dont want to join a local gym, Im thinking we will see how much room there is in the garage, might try and put some sort of exercise equipment in there). So I am doing my best to keep fit. The job is still keeping my brain pretty much fried, so no problems on that front!

Anyway, its a beautiful Ballarat day. Its pouring rain, its about 8°C and a soft wind it blowing. We take our first loads to the house today / tonight…….I am (really) happy, and starting to feel a little more settled.

I turn 42 on the day we move for the 27th time, is that the answer or the question?