For the first time since we have been here…… so, yeah, for 8.5 months, I am taking some PTO…. That’s Paid Time Off for you non Americians.

Freddys got a stinking head cold and spent a fair wack of today in bed. So I figured that its put us behind schedual, so I am taking tomorrow off. We need to be ready for Steve to come down with his truck and muscles to help us move the big stuff on Sunday. I dont want to be still having to move a lot of the little stuff when he gets here.
Anyway, I am just still getting used to the idea of having a day off. Seriously, it does not happen often, its taking me some time to get used to the idea. Bit of a downer that its going to be spent humping stuff down the stairs, into out moving ‘van’ (our VW Passat), drive to the house, unload it, and repeat. I think we are up to about 12 loads so far. We will take the bike over some time tomorrow, that will be good. I got the speakers for it the other night thanks to the gift voucher from Opto, so we are just needing to get moved in, unpacked and set up in the house and garage and we can put them in. Be nice to take a days PTO to do it…… I should be able to do that in about, oh, 8 months time….. 😉