New speakers

Thanks to the gift card from Opto, I put the new speakers in the bike yesterday.
It took most of the day, but it was nice to be in the garage and doing something I have thought about a lot……. That is just to be tinkering with the bike in a garage, not in the carport at the apartment.

I took some photos and a video. I will put together a web page on the whole process that most of you will not be all that interested in, but here is the link to the low res YouTube just to keep you amused (actually, I think its the most boring video I have ever done…….)

My point? Well, its just to say about how amazing the mood of the family (and most of all me!!) has changed now that we are in the house. The unpacking is done and we have started to just chill out and get back to doing things that have been put on hold for the past year. (Gary, it was always my intent to put an amplifier and switch on your bike to activate the front speakers, I dont suggest that you look at doing it, but thats how me putting speakers in my bike is linked to something that I wanted to do a year ago…… just in case you were all wondering how all that was related!).

Its true, a bloke has got to have a garage!