The food is here.

It was a day late, but no matter. Freddy made home made meat pies for us to enjoy on Australia day, they were yummy!
(Yes, we can get pies from the Australia food shop, but because of the freshness issues, they cost about 60 bucks for 12. That’s a little more than we can stretch to, even for Australia day, so home made ones are the go!).
Anyway, here is what we bought;

Australian food we bought
I think its all pretty self explanatory. The Copha is to make chocolate crackles. The biscuits are to make choc ripple cake. The rest is for just enjoying.
I will dig up the list and add it to this blog or do a new entry.
In the mean time, I will be sitting in a corner enjoying some tastes from home.

Chow for now……