Freddy has been looking for some storage type thingo for a little while. Im not totally sure what or why, but since it was costing me nothing for her to look, I was happy….. Well, turns out she was looking on Craigslist which is like a free trading post web site….. She found an add about a guy in Temecula that was cleaning out his storage unit and had some stuff to sell.
Gave him a call and went to pick it up the other day.
Yikes, did we ever score big. He was very happy and I was/am VERY happy.
We got roughly the following;
2 folding camp chairs
1 largish folding papson chair
1 mechanics creeper (rolling bed thingo)
1 motorcycle hydraulic lifter (super excited about this!)
1 multi speed drill press (man, have wanted one of these for years!)
1 circular saw.
1 belt sander
1 office chair (Terry has scored this one)
1 vacuum cleaner
1 camel back backpack (Terry has been after one for months)
1 camo carry bag.
1 remote control fan (be great in the garage in summer)
4 axle stands
1 first aid kit (brand new, still shrink wrapped)
1 12v mini air compressor.
1 small bag of assorted tools.
1 battery charger
9 containers of assorted car care products, including Armorall
30 containers of assorted spray cans. Have not looked at them all yet.

The price…..??? Honestly I did not haggle with the guy, he wanted 60 bucks, I took one look at it all sitting on the ground and pressed 60 bucks in his hand….. Turns out he just out of the miliary, he was a ‘recon sniper’. He was going to drive home to Florida and take stock of his life.
We loaded up and wished him the best.

Freddy is still looking for a storage solution…… not sure if I want her to find one……