Yeah yeah, I know, long time no blog…….
I would love to have some huge gory story as to why I have not blogged, but the reality is a lot more ….. well….. real…..

There are three trainers here, Alexi, Tom and myself (Kelly is still on maternity leave). We had a little scare late last week. Tom got called for jury duty. He had to report on Monday. Alexi can not come into work on Monday. Gag, that left me!!!!!
I have never taught the Monday class, infact, I have never sat in on one so did not have a clue of what it should sound like……. I took the trainers manual home with me over the weekend to swat up……

Turns out that Tom was not called in, but remained on standby all week.
We all took the hint and so Selam covered the phones and I sat in on each days training. Of course I did my usual all day stint on Thursday.
It was a really good group of guys and one girl (ex marine no less), they kept us all busy, I have a page of homework notes that I have to chase up answers and email them out.
The training still wares me out a fair bit, so each night I would just come home and crash. I need to get a photo of us sitting around our gas fire pit under the gazebo. Its very relaxing.
So, anyway, thats the real reason for non-blogging. I was just too tired.

Right now its Friday morning. I am looking at a bunch of emails that have built up over the week, the homework from the class and all the rest of the usual stuff I do, and I am sure the phone will ring any moment now.

We are off to LA for church tomorrow. Last Sundays Docent training was snowed out, and same again this Sunday, so we are having it more local in one of the other docents houses on Sunday.

Freddy has a head cold, and my stomach is churning from late yesterday (I am blaming the luke warm chicken that was on my lunch on Thursday).
Amy and Terry are fine.
There is some talk about Amy doing advanced history and Terry doing advanced chemistry. Not sure if they are going to sign up, but their respective teachers have said they can do it if they want.

The bike is still got a lot of its clothes missing while I do some mods. They are forecasting rain today, so Freddy drove me in the car, I don’t want the bike to get its electrics wet.

Pretty sure that brings you all up to date.