B/W and Zim.

Amy is on both MyFace and SpaceBook (or what ever they are called… I am not a huge fan of social network websites) and she met a model who showed her some photos…. Amy liked the look of them and before long she was chatting on line with the photographer. Turns out that he lives about 5min drive from our place. One day week before last Zim (yeah, thats his ‘real’ name) came around. We ended up watching a movie and just hanging out and looking at photos for a while….
Amy wanted to get some photos taken by Zim so we arranged for Zim to come around yesterday. The idea was to head up to the snow at Palomar, but there was a bicycle race and so the road was closed. We could have gone to Idyllwild, but I did not think they had snow up there (turns out they are at a the same (and higher) altitude as Palomar Mountain, they had plenty of snow – next time).
We ended up going up to the Santa Rosa Plateau.

waking to the pool

The sky was amazing. The clouds really made for an interesting photo shoot.
Zim was getting into the grove by listening to (through one ear) some music and started to set Amy up the way he wanted.
I wanted to watch and learn, and take photos, so I left them to it and got some photos from further back with the 300mm;

Just Amy

Now and then I would change lenses and get a little closer;

Amy and the sky

I really like this photo and you need to do me the honor of looking at the larger resolution version by looking at my Picasa web album of Amy.

Just to show that my world has not totally gone black and white, here is a color one;

Amy on the wood

Zims stuff is amazing, it is a totally different style to what I have ever taken and has a pretty amazing look about it.

He hires models from time to time, and he also has models pay him to shoot them in his style.

Zim and Amy

Amy and I are really keen to see what comes out of the shoot. Just looking at the photos he got on the back of the camera were really amazing.
It was a great afternoon. I am really enjoying getting back into some black and white photography and watching Zim work with Amy was really cool.
I am not about to start hiring models (Amy is keen and free if I get the urge), star light landscapes are still my thing and I still find them interesting and just as challenging…… I will leave the babes to Zim, but I did enjoy looking at light and my camera in a different way.

Thanks Zim, and thanks Amy. Cant wait to see the results.

In the mean time, check out Amys growing album on Picasa.