Date night.

For the past little while, Amy and I have been setting aside every Wednesday evening as our date night.
We just hang out, walk, eat, drive, what ever the mood of the afternoon is……
We have started taking some photos, something we both really enjoy, so I thought I would share some results with you all.

Here is another;

And the last one for today…….

Clearly I need to improve my portrait skills, and that’s a little of the fun, we both talk about the photo we want, Amy gets to try different styles and I get to use the camera in a totally different way.
We get to drive around the back blocks. We listen to music while driving and we talk a lot…. Its a lot of fun and very good for both of us.

Soon, I hope to post the results of date night for Terry and I….. heh heh….. very different results for THAT one……