Micro Blog.

You may have noticed a few things on the right hand side of the blog.
I will be messing around with the location ones a little, so for now just ‘ignore’ them.
However, I am happy playing with Twitter at the moment……
You can see any ‘tweets’ (who thinks of these silly little names?) I make on the right of this main part of my blog.
I have called them ‘micro blogs’. In a way, thats what they are, we are limited to 140 characters. I show the last three I have sent out.
If you notice something like ‘no public messages to display’ or some such, just ignore it, and wait a moment then hit refresh on your browser to reload this page, they should show up.
There should always be three entries to display.
You can see how old they are by looking at the end of the micro blog.
I can update it from my phone, so its easy for me to blat off a few updates a day (I have only done that many once, it is usually one a day)…. I guess my point is, I am not going to slack off on the main blog entries, but you can see in finer detail (sometimes) what I am up to by looking at the side of this main blog.

At the moment I am just using Twitter to update this ‘micro blog’ and my 14 followers with what I am doing or finding out…. I can see how it might be more useful if I had a lot of followers and asked questions…. This happen the other night with one of the guys at work…. His young son fell over and was knocked unconscious. He tweeted for some info on head trauma and I was able to give him the info he was seeking. That was the first time I saw a real point to Twitter…. in the mean time, you can just read this and my micro blog and know that I have a small odd life.
(If you are really keen you can sign up for Twitter and follow me or not).