Was a huge day on Friday. I pretty much ended up teaching the highlights of our 4 day course in about 6 and a bit hours. The students were amazing. They just kept soaking it up and asking for more, that’s the only reason we could keep going at such a break neck speed.
It was a real buzz, but it took a good toll as well. I came home and crashed……and slept…. some 17 hours all told.
Apart from that, not much of a weekend. Went up to Palomar. Its always nice up there.
Drove down to San Marcos to look for some accommodation for our church conference in October. (Which starts the day after Freddys and I 20th wedding anniversary (not sure what we are going to do for that one, wanted to do something special, but no time or money for ‘special’)).
We got 2 rooms booked at the conference center. We got a room next to cousin Steve, so that should be good. For the first time ever we will not have to drive each day to get to the hall where church services will be held.
I don’t know if I will be doing sound and or photography again this year, either way it will be nice not having the commute. The one downer is that we do not have a kitchen, so we will have to eat out for at least 2 meals every day. There is a small fridge, so we should be able to have milk and thus breakfast with paper bowls should be doable.
Its a bit of a mixed bag, so I’m sure we will blog about it when the time comes.
We went to Fry’s Electronics on the way home. You cant be that close and not drop in…. If for no reason other than the local electronics shop in Temecula has closed, so it was stop at Fry’s or order a 80 cent plug (to fix my walkman head phones) over the net (don’t think so).
Got my plug and a coin sized battery that I cold not buy anywhere around town.
Came home, did some work on my and Terry’s push bikes, tweaked the sprinklers and watched a movie.
That’s not a bad way to kill a weekend.