Just tired.

Yeah, long time no blog……
The training has been really busy. A lot of the guys have wanted one-on-one application help after each class.
So on top of the training, I have been staying back to help them out. Its been really rewarding, but really tiring.
I have been getting home pretty late and just crashing.
So that’s the other reason for not blogging much. I have not been doing anything.

Yesterday was the exception. We did our three tours up at Palomar Observatory yesterday.
Not as many in the groups, which was nice, I was pretty tired.
Freddy did more work than me I think. We had an Asian lady that could not speak English, but Freddy was a real wiz and saw that she needed help. Got to her the restroom and comforted her. With a bit of sign language and women’s secret ‘knowing’ it became clear that she was 2 months with child (the tourist, not Freddy!!!), so that’s why she was not so good when she walked out onto the catwalk on the dome.
Between her and another person neededing some water for heart medication Freddy did a great job of being a super backup docent.

Anyway. In other news. I am becoming really smitten with Pandora radio. I have been listening on and off since Australaia, but since it counts on your download limit, I did not listen much. Since we dont have any download limits here, I have been listening a lot more…… I also have got it working on my Blackberry phone. So now I can have music with me all the time.
Last night I got it working on our Samsung DVD player (yeah, go figure. Our DVD player has a wirelss connection and thus is on the Internet). I have to say its pretty neat.
(On a separate note, I have to say that even I was pretty goob smacked when I clicked a few buttons on the DVD player, entered the code the DVD gave me on the laptop in my Pandora account and in about 3 seconds all my radio stations appeared on my TV through the DVD. Wow. Things are really connected).
So, right now, while I type this blog, I am listening to some of my favorite trance….. add free…. nice……

Too many movies to catch up, but one worth checking out is ‘Into The Wild’.
Not your usual blockbuster, but the whole family really got into it and it made an impact on each of us.
Its the story of a young man that walked into the Alaskan wilderness.

Training again this week. A special group this time. They are Navy guys off icebreakers. Some interesting stories been told already.