How fast?

Heh, I am going to go out on a limb here…… Its been a while since I have hassled my old mate Gary from the safe confines of this blog… so here we go……

Hey Gary, how fast is your internet connection with Neighborhood Cable these days??
Whats your download limit these days?

The ‘other’ day (i.e. given the slug speed of the blogger, it really was about 1.5 months ago) I found out that I could, for a few extra bucks a month, bump up the speed of my Time Warner Cable…. so I did.


Now THATS how the web is supposed to be! Yikes its fast!!!!
How fast?
Well, drop on over to and run the test for yourself and see what you get.

Now I know my upload speed is not that flash, but I have never ever ever had such a good solid download speed.
So, my web site is a lot faster, its nice and snappy from work and the few other places I have looked.
Gary, Dan, Nick, Matt, Dad (sorry, that’s a cheep shot), Sue and others have probably not noticed much of a difference because your download speed is probably about the same as my upload speed… (giggle… sorry, too much sugar?)……
Actually, I know that Gary’s speed will be better, but I wonder how much better???
So, one and all, post your speeds. Curious minds want to know.

With increased download speeds comes, uh, increased downloads.
So far we are looking to bust our previous download record of 45Gb this month, we are up to 65Gb at the moment.
The real test will come next month as we have not had the better net speed and Samsung DVD for a whole clear month yet.
The kids and I discovered that a lot of the TV shows on Netflix are in HD (High Definition). CSI and NCIS for example are ad free and in HD, so they look fantastic. Im sure next month we will blow away this months record. Be interesting to see when we bust 100Gb download a month.
Its important to make the point that we used to be on 10Gb in Australia, and I was doing a lot of web stuff back then, where as now, I am hardly on the web. I have not downloaded a Linux distro for yonks (yeah, Dan, I know, sad isent it….)….. I guess my point is, that the big downloads are due to the streaming video, not due to surfing.

Anyway, when I am on the net, its lickty split and I am loving it!