No way, not me…..

Matt B and I were chatting the other day when something clicked with him and caused a bit of a double take.
We were talking about the DVD player that streams movies off the net and about having unlimited downloads.
I was complaining that I could not find anywhere on the web that let me watch the news. Its a simple thing, just a web site that has streaming news. Sure, I read the news on line every day, but some times you just want to sit back and have it talk and move.
Matt was surprised that such a site did not exist. I was explaining that they don’t do it because they are tied in with the cable companies. There is no way that the cable companies are going to let their news service be picked up by people on the net.
“Yeah, but” says Matt, “you can still watch the news on TV right?”.
“Um, not in Temecula” says I.
You see, there are no free to air stations in Temecula, there are a few up in LA, but you need a monster TV antenna to pull them in down here. And here is the rub, its against the rules to put a TV antenna on your roof. (I was worried about getting reported for having the weather station up!!!…. (Its also against the rules to have brown grass on your front lawn, don’t get me started about this one)).
So, we have not watched TV since one month before we left Australia when we sold our TV there. 1 year, 4 months and 15ish days TV free.
We have DVD’s and streaming movies, but we cant watch the news, sports or ads.
For that privliage you have to shell out about $40-$80+ per month for cable TV or satilite TV , and there is no way I am paying that much for that!