Family Visit.

Steve and family came down this weekend for a visit. It was really great to see them and it was their first look at the house (Steve helped us move in so he did see it, but not lived in).
They came down Saturday afternoon. We hooked up on the computer for church as usual for us. After church we took the kids down to the park. It was the usual amazing day. Clear skies, just a little warmth in the air, beautiful blue skies… Perfect yet again!
Steve and Terry kept us entertained with their Parkour moves. Steve had some flexibility issues, but kept up pretty good. Terry really is getting very smooth and good at the whole thing. I smartly sat on a park bench and egged them on. No one was hurt!
Saturday evening we had a bbq tritip. So it was a nice evening out under the pergola. Its a bit like an extra living space for us, we spend a LOT of time out there.


And yes, Steve and Terry are playing up to the camera little. I don’t like using a flash so I asked every one to keep still for 1.3 seconds and this is what you get!

Sunday Steve (and Karrie) really wanted to see Palomar Mountain and the Hale Telescope, so who was I to argue….  We left their kids with our kids and got going!

We all jumped in the Rover and headed up. I was taking it super super easy and even so Freddy got very car sick on the way up, I have never seen her so green. She forgot to take a ginger tablet.
There was total craziness going on the road up, motorcycles, push bikes and cars every where, I have never seen it so bad, Steve was really surprised to just see it. It really was a mess, something needs to be done soon.
Anyway, we got up and into the dome and gave a little tour. It was a lot of fun to share the place with Steve and Karrie. Here are a few photos from the day;


We headed down the East Grade road as its a lot less windy and a lot more beautiful.
It was one of the clearest days I have ever seen, just perfect, you could see for many many miles. On the way home in the car I told Steve the story of the making of the mirror, it was nice to be able to take the time to really tell it. Karrie fell asleep.  Oh well, I find the story interesting!
Thanks for coming guys.