Short update.

The Internets tubes have been against us…. can you believe that the cafe we were using broke down??
No? Well, you are going to have to trust me thats what really happen!

So, just to really quickly rewind (I am borrowing some Mac net time from my friend in Sydney), we had the interview on Tuesday….. During said ‘interview’ (which consisted of three questions, work, school and house) they revealed that they could not accept the marriage certificate that we presented (funny, it was the same one we have used for everything in the last 20 years and the same one we used for the E-3 visa two years ago).
They wanted the registry version. We got married in Victoria, the USA consulate we were at was in New South Wales.
What to do? Well, we could apply by mail for the certificate, that would take 5 days, or we could apply for it on line, that would take 5 days, or if I applied in person, it could be issued on the spot.
Right then, thats the option for us.
So, I booked a fight that evening, my friend Gordon picked me up from the airport, we dulled the nerves with a bottle (or two) of red, next morning, we drove into town, it took 6 minutes (I timed it) to get the ‘correct’ version of the marriage certificate, Gordon then drove me to the airport. I flew back to Sydney, went to the Consulate, handed it over.
4 hours latter they rang to say it was all done and did I want to pick it up at 9am on Thursday?
So I did.
And that, as they say, is that.

We fly back Monday, back at work Tuesday.

Catch you then then.