Its easy.

Its easy to tell that we are back in the States as I have not blogged for a week or more…. so, yeah, back into the flow of things well and truly.
Nice surprise when I got to work, they had bought me some helium filled balloons and put a banner up in my cubical.
Got taken to lunch as well! (Mexican, of course, was my choice).
Back into the thick of things with building another Linux server, and there is talk of a third. Of course we are hoping that things go well and that we end up making thousands of these things… By then however, the factory will be doing it, and it will not be hand built by me each time.

Also back into things at home. Mow the lawn, try and fix the Rover, charge the battery on the bike, unpack, clean up and so on. The kids are back at school, so yeah, life is back where we left it about a month and a bit ago.

There is a line in a song that wraps it all up….. ‘Life goes on, even when I am not there’.
Feeling a bit out of it with jet lag or something…. just strangely disconnected.