Power fail.

Just a heads up… I have been sent a letter and had a phone call from our power company.
Seems there is some maintenance that needs to be done in our area and so the power might drop out for a while on Monday the 8th (thats Tuesday the 9th for those of you down below).
I bought a UPS from Fry’s today. Only a little one, good for about 40 minutes.
I dont know how long the power will be out at any one time.  So if the web site goes down, don’t panic.

We will be back as soon as we can.
(On the note of Fry’s and computes, I priced one or two and can’t really afford what they are asking. Since this one is still hobbling along, I will keep looking and thinking about my options…. I cant see any reason why it shouldn’t boot right back up after the power goes out).