Is it worth it?

I think I am about done.
Windows 7 has finally beat me down.
I am very seriously thinking of closing down my web site.
If I shut down this site, then I don’t have to deal with different systems not getting along. A bunch of problems go away.
I just cant get Linux and Windows to get along. I am tired of feeling stressed and I am tired of spending time on this. I would much rather be out taking photos or watching a movie or something.
Whats the down side?
I would lose a few people that currently look at my site for different things, but in the end, is that a big deal? The internet is a big place, they will find what they come to my site for somewhere else.
I would lose my photos on my site. I would have to find somewhere else to put them. I really dont like Flickr, but thats the logical choice.
I would lose the ability for people to comment on my photos. That would be pretty sad. (You have to have a flickr account to comment, I hate yahoo almost as much as facebook so I cant ask anyone to sign up just for me).
I would lose this blog.
I would lose the weather.
They are the main ones. There is one other thing, I would lose the humming bird and all sky cam. Its down at the moment, but I got a real kick out of having a camera like that. Again, is it worth it?  Duno.

One thing I do know, it should not be this hard… Its like I am being forced to make a choice. Give up photography and tinker with the computers, or give up the web stuff. I cant do both.