Been tossing this one around in my head for a long time…..
We have still been watching the odd movie now and then and I am thinking about if I should go back to putting some of them in the blog.
I used to do it. Not sure why I stopped exactly, but now that I am blogging a little more, I am wondering if you lot mind if I throw a bit about them this way?

One thing to keep in mind is the words of Amy, who posted something she came across on the internet…..
“You’re not deep,
you’re not an intellectual,
you’re not an artist,
you’re not a critic,
you’re not a poet:
You just have internet access”

I promise that my movie ‘reviews’ will not be worth reading!
Also, under NO CIRCUMSTANCES are any of movies I blog about recommended for your viewing pleasure.
Most people that I talk about movies with now call me a movie snob… Our family just does not catch every blockbuster churned out by the great movie houses of America.
We prefer the small labels, the low budget, big heart and sole movies.
So, after all that, why blog about what we are feeding our brains??
Mostly for a record for ourselves and also to show BA what fine movies he is missing out on because he only watches what he can get on Blue Ray (and you think I am a move snob!)

In reality, please leave a comment… wana go back to the odd rant about a movie or not?