The Pianist

If this one had not been based on a true story, it would have been hard to take.
Slow, with short violent sections thrown about it was a tough ride.
Wladyslaw Szpilman is the real guy, played in the movie by Adrien Brody (The Brothers Bloom (‘review’ coming), in this case well cast, who is a well known pianist in pre-war Poland.
The movie is basically a blow by blow account of his remarkable survival of world war two. The Jews were treated badly, and you get a sense of this via very short very graphic sections of the film.
I have not had the time to look and see how accurate the story is told in the film, seemed real enough.
At 150 minutes its a long movie, but it barely manages to hold your attention all that time, so seems very long.
Hard to rate this one. If you are interested in getting a taste of the times, or have some other interest in the time period you will probably soak it up.