Open seating.


On Southwest airlines they have this open seating thing.
When you book in you dont get to select a seat, you just get allocated a letter and a number.
The quicker you check in the higher the number and letter.
Yesterday, being Saturday here, I did not check in the instant the 24 hours before my flight, so I eneded up with a pretty low letter, this means all the good seats are taken by the time I got on board.
For benson and Bob, since they travel so much, its a bit of a fun compertision for them to check in the instant the 24 hour thing rolls around. Its a lot of fun to travel with those guys as they have it down to a fine art (they are also memebers of the clubs, so you get to hang in the nice area of the lounge at the airport).
Since this is my first trip since getting here, I am tring to remember,all,the tips those guys gave me.
For example, since I fly out around the 24 hours after I arrive, once I land at Chicago, Benson tipped me off to not leave,the airport stright away, but walk from arrivals to departures and check in. this should get me a higher chance of getting a good seat, for Benskn that means an ile seat at the front, for me, it means a window seat near the front. I love looking out the window, even if it is just at the clouds.

So the photo you see is when the ‘A’ group was called and I am at the back waiting for the ‘C’ group to be called.

Sorry for any spelling and typos in this, another tip I got from the guys was to get the on bord wifi, it helps pass the time when you are connected, so I have typed this and posted it from my Android (thats Mr Linux to you Gary) phone.

Edit, ok, out seems that photos dont get uploaded when you are above 10,000 feet, sorry about that….