New photos.

From my RSS reader (blog on that coming).

Here is a link to some photos of the damaged reactors in Japan, the twist is that they are taken by an unmaned RC plane and if you can believe the write up, they have not made their way to main stream media (least not here in the USA).

The thing that shocks me is the real damage that has been done to them. Its amazing how you can even pretend that these things are under any sort of control.
I know nothing about reactors, but if you did 1/8 of this much damage to the cable trays and pipe work outside my old office in the basement of the hospital, it would take a long long long time to get it back and there would be big chucks of the hospital without some major services while we worked on it.
I feel for the techs and engineers that are on the ground in that mess trying to hook things up and get stuff running.