deadly garden

Duno why, so dont ask, but I find myself doing a little bit of gardening now and then….
Freddy still does the lions share of it, and she actually enjoys it, I mostly just go out there and get in her way.
That said, there are some jobs that she just can’t do, ie, anything up a ladder.

The palm trees are a blah bluck relationship around here. We don’t really like the look of them, and they are pain in the butt to maintain.
We have to keep them, we just cant afford to take them out and the HOA would probably have something nasty to say about us pulling them out…. So, we just maintain them best we can. (And seriously, we try very hard not to kill them, would hate to think what they could cost to replace!)

Every few months, they have these really big seed pods come up, burst open and spray annoying yellow cruft all over the place.
We are always on the look out for the pods, because they grow really really quick, its only about 2-3 days between when you see them and when they burst…. Anyway, the drill is to climb right to the top of the ladder, one hand on the tree, the other with battery powered saw and off they go… thing is, they weigh a lot. Im talking, a LOT.
On top of this, they are super pointy at the top, so its really rather dangerous trimming the stupid things.

Here is photographic proof…..

its a solid 7-8 inches into the ground
Thats gota hurt

Here is where one fell when we chopped it off the front. It fell on its nose and buried itself a solid 7-8 inches into the ground. There is no doubt that the thing would kill an adult if it hit them.
The other is the one Terry did. It fell backwards on him and ripped some skin off his shoulder while he was up the ladder. (We are rather hoping it bruises pretty good).

Here is a typical shot of the set up, again in the front yard, we had to do 2 in the back, but only got photos out front….

ladder on tree
Next one Gary can do.

So life in the USA continues to entertain.
We had 35.3°C here the other day. It was 30 something today. Bit too hot for this black duck, but Freddys loving it.
In a few hours we will grab the camera and wade through the crowds to a good spot to watch the forth of July fireworks that the city of Temecula puts on. Its always a good show, pity about the traffic / people jam before and after.

Meh, cant have everything, I mean, where would you put it?